What to do While Waiting to Hear Admissions Decisions…

February 16, 2012

It’s a bit quiet in my office these days as students are waiting to learn their admissions decisions for colleges and boarding schools. The notification date for boarding school applicants is March 10. Seniors applying to college through regular decision can expect to hear from colleges at the end of March.

Boarding school applicants generally notify the schools of their decision: April 10

High School seniors notify colleges of their enrollment decision: May 1

On these dates, please remember to notify all the schools/colleges, not only the campus where you will enroll in the Fall.

While Waiting

The waiting period to learn the outcome may seem unnecessarily long. Here’s a way that families can get the most of that waiting period:

  1. Complete all financial documents, which includes prior year tax statements and other filings
  2. Continue to perform well academically – It can be tough to stay motivated when you know you’re likely to start at a new campus the following year. Keep in mind that your new campus may request final transcripts. If your grades have dropped, their admission offer can be rescinded. Just a warning . . .
  3. Stay on alert for Admit event announcements – Some campuses may announce their admit event dates. However, don’t purchase your ticket until you know you’ve been admitted! Once you learn the exciting news, do plan to attend all Admit events. The Admit events will help you determine the best match school or college for you!

How are you using this loooong wait??

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