Several months ago, I broadcast a show on summer programming. That show had a more general focus for students across the grade levels. As I mentioned then on that program, summer planning starts much earlier than we want to think. It must be a Law of Murphy, by now because every year, I talk with […]


The subtitle for this show could have been “So you think you can Dance? Sing? Play an instrument? Draw?” Or another subtitle could have been “It’s more than a Youtube video.” We discussed “How to apply to College in the Visual and Performing Arts.” Many families may not realize until right before the admissions deadlines […]


Last summer, I posted an announcement about free bowling. Several families mentioned that they took advantage of this opportunity. So, I’m sharing the information again this summer. Using this program for free Here is the site where you register for the program: http://www.kidsbowlfree.com/ When you register at this site, you will sign up to bowl […]

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Over the upcoming months, it will be high-gear season for chess. National and local tournaments will fill my weekends. Yesterday, a parent asked me, “What do you do when your children are in those long matches?” Like the hundreds of other parents at these tournaments, I go to tournaments armed with newspapers, unread mail, a […]

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